New Cover in the Works

On the eve of my book’s release in June, my publisher is exploring a new cover design that better captures what THE WAY FROM ME TO US is about.

My publisher likes the 26 photos I’ve used as chapter headings … including the one above from Ted’s and my visit to the Detroit Zoo not long after we’d met in 1977. She wants to try a montage of the photos on the cover, with the most recent one as the focal point.

I say, “Go for it!”

Who doesn’t like to see the creative juices flowing, especially when it involves a project begun over three years ago? Yep, I sat down the morning of April 13, 2020, to start writing the book.

I will share the new design as soon as it’s available.

Meanwhile, I’m having a ball throughout this process … and can’t wait to see the finished product.

Here is the previous cover design, developed last September.

As always, thank you for your interest.

8 thoughts on “New Cover in the Works

  1. Same here! I’m thrilled they are trying a different option. It was like that at the ad agency where I worked with Char. “You think you have it?” the creative director would say. “It’s great. Now set it aside and go try something better.”


      1. Nice to know my memory is okay in that regard. Didn’t know him at that cute stage of his life – only the “more mature” cute!!

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  2. While I like the cover you had picked out, I think the montage of photos will be a great way to show your journey from me to us. Can’t wait to see how the new cover turns out!

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  3. Loved the cover chosen as it was, and hoping the montage of photos won’t look too “busy”, but like she said, let’s try it….. looking forward to seeing the final choice!


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