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Mike Coleman

The Way from Me to Us: A Memoir
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My husband Ted and I have been together for nearly 50 years. I’ve written a book about us.

When we met in 1977, you could lose everything by coming out.

Your job. Your friends. Your family. Against the odds, Ted and I staked out a life together. It wasn’t easy, but the struggle was always worth it. And the ending? Why, it’s a happy one, of course.

THE WAY FROM ME TO US is our story. Coming in June 2023 from Riverdale Avenue Books.

The Book

Two Men in Love. A World Ready for Change.

“Our love is special and wonderful,” Ted wrote to me a few months after we met in 1977. It still is today.

As we grow older, people ask about our story. So I put it down on paper. I want the world to know how we did it, steps, missteps and all.

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