Wow! The Reviews Are (Mostly) In.

Last month, my publisher asked me to gather “blurbs” for my book cover and for a press release when my memoir, THE WAY FROM ME TO US, is published. My task? To find notable authors and others who would take the time to read my book and make a comment about it for publication.

I’ve received three so far. They are glowing, indeed.

With words like vivid, beautifully written, deeply moving, insightful, the blurbs are poetry to me, humbling and far more gracious than this writer could ever have hoped for.

I hope you enjoy reading them. And many thanks for your continued interest as my book heads toward release June 1.

From Jeff Clemmons, author of Rich’s: A Southern Institution 

“Reading like a novel, The Way from Me to Us is – at its core – a double love story; one about two men making a life together in uncharted waters, and one about learning to love oneself, perhaps the harder of the two. In this entertaining and deeply moving memoir, Mike Coleman has provided not only insightful commentary about his life and those with whom he interacts, but also provided a testament of hope and inspiration for younger gay men; they are not alone, deserve acceptance, equality, and, most importantly, their own love stories.”

Note: Jeff is a new friend in Atlanta and an impeccable author and researcher. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for producing Georgia Public Television’s “Rich’s Remembered” about the department store that helped build Atlanta and shape its history.

From Sarah Elkins, author of Your Stories Don’t Define You. How You Tell Them Will

“Thoughtful. Sincere. A romantic and relatable love story—no matter which way you roll. Mike’s stories are entertaining and heartbreaking. I only wish our global community had made more progress since his coming out four decades ago. These stories are still relevant, still raw, and will remind you what love looks like—from any angle.”

Note: Sarah’s book helped guide me in choosing the pivotal moments … the crashing and the quiet ones … to include in my story. Owner of her own consulting firm in communication coaching, Sarah invited me to be on her podcast in November 2022, where we talked about the importance of sharing our stories to inspire others.

From Michael Sims, author of Adam’s Navel and The Adventures of Henry Thoreau

“The Way from Me to Us is that rare delight—a love story with a happy ending. But this engaging, beautifully written memoir is more than a tale about two good people who are lucky enough to find each other. Mike Coleman’s compassion and understanding, his passion for family and community, reminded me of what a privilege it is to have our brief time on this busy planet, and what a wonder love can be. Through a wealth of vivid details, each of which furthers the narrative or its many portrait sketches, Coleman resurrects a life of love and work and fun and heartbreak, from his secret childhood admiration for the men in TV ads for Brylcreem to holding his ailing mother’s hand in a hospital despite their unresolved issues. Among its many strands, this beautiful memoir quietly celebrates the kinds of bravery required of everyday human beings who must resist those who act as if the world is so rich in love that we can afford to disdain some of its wonderful flavors. It isn’t and we cannot.” 

Note: A literary scholar, editor and cultural critic, my longtime friend Michael is one of the most prolific nonfiction writers I know. His work is internationally recognized, including making an appearance on the New York Times’ annual list of Notable Books.

It has been quite a ride watching these roll in.

I’m so grateful my book appears to be striking a chord with friends and authors whose work I respect. I’m waiting for one more review to come in … from a leader in the Presbyterian Church (USA), which plays a prominent role in the book … and then this particular assignment from my publisher will be complete.

I’m hoping there will be other assignments.

And I’m hoping they’ll be as much fun as this one.

Have a good week, everyone!

Cover art for my memoir, coming soon from Riverdale Avenue Books

7 thoughts on “Wow! The Reviews Are (Mostly) In.

  1. Those are impressive reviews, Mike, and I’m sure they’re well deserved. We can’t wait to read the book ourselves. That June 1st date is just around the corner! Love, Nancy

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  2. Hello Mike, The reviews are wonderful and put into words what my sense was after meeting you and Ted. I could feel it as soon as you sat down at the table on the Antarctica cruise. I just knew! I can’t wait to read the book. Hello to Ted too.


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