My Book Gets A Podcast

I spoke with the storytelling expert Sarah Elkins recently about my book and the process of writing a memoir.

Voila! We have a podcast. It was a delightful experience. We talked about some of the stories that are in THE WAY FROM ME TO US. And one that isn’t.

Listen to our conversation here.

As Sarah says: “Don’t miss this one, friends. Episode 255 of the Your Stories Don’t Define You is an eye-opener.” Her book, YOUR STORIES DON’T DEFINE YOU. HOW YOU TELL THEM WILL, was an eye-opener for me, too. Learn more about Sarah here.

Thanks for listening.

4 thoughts on “My Book Gets A Podcast

  1. Thanks, Mike. I enjoyed “listening in” on your conversation with Sarah Elkins.

    Martin Martin C. Lehfeldt Former President, Southeastern Council of Foundations Writer and speaker in the not-for-profit sector

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