My Husband Bakes, Too

Every Christmas, Ted bakes eight dozen snickerdoodles for our nieces and nephews and their families in North and South Carolina. (It’s enough for us to have a few extras. Cue the smiley face.) He’s continuing a tradition begun by his mother, who baked these yummy vanilla-laced and cinnamon-coated cookies every year.

The allrecipes link below is his preferred recipe. Some bakers call for all butter in the dough, but Ted says the mixture of shortening and butter makes for a firmer, crispier cookie that travels well, while maintaining its signature softness in the middle. This year, he used the excellent Penzeys cinnamon given to us by good friends last Christmas, proving yet again that Ted’s snickerdoodles are where love and happy memories reside. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “My Husband Bakes, Too

  1. I’m guessing there’s a Penzeys shop in Green Hills somewhere, Alana. They are fun. There is one not far from us in Sandy Springs.
    (At least there used to be, pre-pandemic.) But you can also order online. Thanks for commenting!


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